A wonderful way of helping my clients with grief work is when they come in to my session and they say, “Well, I’ve been grieving this great loss. This person I was so close to died… or I feel like it’s just going to go on forever. When is this grief going to end?”  That’s the […]

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Emptiness is something that not just our patients, but also a lot of people feel at one time or another in their lives.  One of the ways I’ve learned to work with people who come in with a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness in their lives, is that we’ll sit. We sit quiet for at […]

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Let’s talk SE

Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing model®, which are grounded in the belief that the person is an organic being with an innate tendency toward wholeness. This tendency, identified as intelligence, has at its foundation an “organismic” nature, which’s healing ability or power can be tapped into by learning the language of somatic communication. While this is […]

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