A wonderful way of helping my clients with grief work is when they come in to my session and they say, “Well, I’ve been grieving this great loss. This person I was so close to died… or I feel like it’s just going to go on forever. When is this grief going to end?” 

That’s the point where I say, “Well, you’re probably half done when you’re asking that question.” Somehow by honoring (grief) and accepting it, that’s a step.

Another step is to express it. So, I’ll say, “Don’t just keep it (inside)” and as the Lakota Sioux would say with their prayers, “Dance it! Show me what it looks like. Move with it.” 

Write a poem, a story about the tears – the magnitude of your grief. Is it as big as a hurricane? Will it wash the waters of the four oceans? Find your way to give it an expression so that not only are you in its presence, but you are actually allowing it.

As they begin to allow things, they begin to move and turn. I have experienced this personally and seen it so many times in my practicewhen we turn toward what is difficult and make space for it to open, it will then change and turn.

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