If you or someone you love is looking for assistance dealing with trauma, stress or addiction I’m glad you found this website.

As a practitioner in addiction and trauma recovery, I work with people everyday who are making the journey from distress to healing and freedom. My practice specializes in Somatic Experiencing® (SE), a body-mind healing modality that provides powerful tools for supporting proper nervous system functioning. This is critical for helping to decrease stress and trauma and with it we can move toward greater ease and fulfillment in our lives.

My intention as a SE practitioner is to support you in this journey toward wellness. I believe at the core of our human existence lies a powerful healing force. Call that force whatever you want–God, Higher Power, Inner Wisdom, Organic Intelligence, Spirit. The important part is not the name you give it but the relationship you have with it. With a stronger relationship with this healing force, dis-ease–be it physical, emotional, or spiritual–can begin to change.

The challenge, of course, is to develop and sustain this relationship in a balanced and meaningful way. My work focuses on helping people do exactly that. I can help you identify and address the roadblocks to your healing process and then provide the kind of accompaniment necessary to support the innate wisdom of your nervous system to do the job it is meant to do for you. With the help of this “healing force”, a little guidance from me, Somatic Experiencing and a willingness to learn something new you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals of transformation.

It is my greatest honor to help you in this journey towards freedom and wholeness. Feel free to get into contact with me. I’d like to help.

–Taruno Steffensen

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