Client Forms

We will need to develop a “contract” for our work together. This is so we can be clear about what we are and are not doing. Such agreements allow us to focus our efforts in the right direction so we can find the success we are looking for. The following forms help us to be clear about our contract.

The first form details my scope of practice, cancelation policy and establishes our contract about the limits and expectations of our work. It will be necessary to sign this form prior to our first meeting.

The second form refers to consent to talk with other health care providers whom you are working with and for me to consult with my supervisor regarding our sessions when necessary.

While both of these forms use precise and slightly impersonal language, this is only done for clarity and formality. Once this formality is out of the way I will look forward to talking with you about you as an individual and your own person. Thank you for you understanding.


1) Informed Consent Form

2) Release of Information

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